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OAR plant

A recent study from Harvard, found that employees were 15% more productive when working in a 'green' office than their peers in more spartan environs. The study shows that it has impact on our well-being when we get home as well. A green office appeared to less stressful and provide a boost to employee engagement. Concentration levels and perceived air quality all showing a rise after the introduction of plants into the office. Plants have also been proven to clean the air of toxic chemicals, suppress bacteria and holds humidity, making a room feel healthier and more impressive.

We are introducing OAR-plant through you can rent plants for your office rooms or your outdoor garden by giving a very reasonable rent. We are not just doing service or maintain the same plants at your premises; we replace the plants with new ones every week (big plants will be replaced monthly). This will give an opportunity to see fresh new plants always. Plants will be planted in beautiful smart pots and hence no need to water the plants. There will not be any headache for you. OAR team visit the site every week and take care of the plants.

What we do
  • We will create a platform for people or business organisation to take beautiful plants on a very reasonable rent. Customers no need to worry about the maintenance part or watering the plants.
  • We will replace the plants every week with fresh/new plants. This way customers will get opportunity get fresh and new plants every week. Customers will be devoid of getting bored by seeing the same plant and flower always.
  • The most struggle part of all plant lovers are difficulty in blooming of plants in second cycle and the diseases that cause to the plants. Now OAR plants can proudly suggest a solution for both of these issues. We will take out plants on every week and replaced with a fresh new plant with fresh flower or beautiful look.
Why OAR-plant
  • We keep healthy plants and replace every week. No boring scenario when seeing same plants always.
  • We are using self-watering pots. And hence no need to water or applying manure inside your office.
  • We use the smart pots. Water used wisely and hence no water wastage.
  • There will be a specialist team monitoring plants constantly, and hence plants will be healthy always.
  • Service will be done by a professional team and plants replaced during off-peak hours.
  • All these will be provided with a very reasonable rent.
  • Minimum contract duration will be for One month. No need to sign-up for long term contract.
  • Hassle free financial dealings. Card or cheque payment and proper GST bill will be there.
How to sign up
  • Call or E-mail to our customer care team
    You will get a call or e-mail within 2 hrs time. (maximum 8 hrs if the mail or call reach us in odd time)
  • Select the plants on your interests from our available plans.
    There will be two plans available. Standard and Premium.
    Standard plan consists of more than thirty variety of plants both indoor with standard self-watering pots.
    Premium plan consists of twenty to thirty variety plants both indoor and outdoor with premium self-watering pots.
  • Opt the convenient service date and time (date and time which plants need to replace, without affecting your business)
    We can find a convenient day which plants can be take out and new plants can be placed back. Few companies will be closed for two days (Saturday and Sunday) where we must take out the plants on Friday evening and replaced with new plants on Monday morning.
  • Sign-up with OAR plants. Minimum duration is One month.
  • You will be able to change the plants or customize plan during contract.