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Green City Projects

We all love to live in a greener and cleaner place. But it is not that easy to maintain the places beautifully and sustainably. We saw an opportunity in that space and decided to work towards that. We will do a complete makeover and elevate your town, office campus, School or College campus and any residential colony green and clean. We are in tie-up with few other NGO groups and waste management groups who are expertized in waste management to remove wastes efficiently and keep the place 100% green and clean. We have already implemented this concept in couple of places.

How It Works:
  • We are working on total improvement model.
  • We will implement garden, with annual maintenance
  • We will work together with a waste management team and remove and manage waste efficiently.
  • We implement technology-based support system and make sure that the garden and the place is well maintained.

Who can make use of this:
  • Housing complex or flats which needed a beautiful garden and clean surrounding.
  • Offices or IT parks (Sponsors name will be displayed in the garden)School or College campuses.
  • Small town where we can find sponsors (Sponsors name will be displayed in the garden).